WCHA Web Media Poll Analysis: Week 23

NOTE: Due to the end of the season, we hadn't originally planned on running another week of the WCHA Web Media Poll. We decided about an hour after the last minute to just do one anyway and see if anything came out different from the final standings.

It's the week after the end of the regular season and Michigan Tech has secured the WCHA crown by all measures. Pulling in all 10 first-place votes for a perfect 100 points, the Huskies beat out the Minnesota State Mavericks, who dropped two points against a Bemidji State squad that finds success at the strangest times.

Rank Team Pts LW Record High Low Change Diff
1 Michigan Tech (10) 100 2 21-8-5 1 1 +1 0
2 Minnesota State 90 1 18-11-7 2 2 -1 0
3 Bowling Green 79 3 20-12-6 3 4 0 1
4 Ferris State 69 5 15-14-6 3 5 +1 2
5 Northern Michigan 55 4 15-14-7 5 7 -1 2
6 Bemidji State 54 6 16-14-6 4 7 0 3
7 Lake Superior 43 7 13-20-5 5 7 0 2
8 Alaska 30 9 10-20-4 8 8 +1 0
9 Alabama-Huntsville 15 10 7-21-6 9 10 +1 1
9 Alaska-Anchorage 15 8 11-20-3 9 10 -1 1

Interestingly, our voters came to the conclusion that Alabama-Huntsville would share the last-place honors with Alaska-Anchorage. They both retrieved an equal number of 9th and 10th place votes, ending in a tie. Alaska was the only team besides Tech to run the board at a position, taking every eighth-place vote, putting them squarely above UAH and UAA. Also notable is Bemidji State, who ended in sixth, but polled as low as seventh and as high as fourth.

Team Name Publication/Media Outlet Twitter Handle UAH Geof Morris UAH Hockey @gfmorris UA Tim O'Donnell Fairbanks Daily News @FDNMSportsGuy UAA Beth O'Donnell KTUU Anchorage @_bethodonnell BSU Jack Hittinger Bemidji Pioneer @jackhitts BGSU Drew Evans BGSUHockey.com @BGSUHockeySite FSU Ryan Zuke Big Rapids Pioneer @ryanzuke LSSU Bill Crawford WCHA.TV voice of the Lakers None MTU Tim Braun Tech Hockey Guide @TBraunTHG MSU Shane Frederick Mankato Free Press @puckato NMU Ryan Stieg Mining Journal @RyanStieg

One media member representing each team ranks every squad in the WCHA (including their own) from 1-10. A first-place vote is worth 10 points, a second-place is worth 9 points and so on. Teams are then sorted by the total number of points they receive in the voting. 100 points is a perfect score and represents all voters awarding a team with first place, while a 10-point score indicates all voters awarding a team with tenth place.