Road Trips: Anchorage

Alaska: The Last Frontier

An Alaska trip is considered by many Tech fans to be a rite of passage. There are those Husky fans who have made the epic journey, and those who are planning one. While Anchorage, may not be a true road trip (the 3,300 miles from Houghton to Anchorage will likely dissuade you from driving), the city is a perfect destination for Techies who enjoy a view and are willing to fly.

So you're traveling with: friends

There won't be very much sunlight in Alaska for the Tech series, but the Anchorage nightlife is surprisingly active. Head on over to Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse where they have nearly 60 beers on tap, including many Alaskan and Hawaiian beers unavailable in the lower 48. They have music most weekends, including two shows this coming weekend. Do something truly Alaskan and get some oysters on the half shell at Simon and Seafort's or some Alaskan fish at Glacier Brewhouse. Outside of popular music venues and seafood, Alaska boasts several local breweries: 49th State Brewing, Glacier Brewhouse and Midnight Sun Brewing are all right nearby and produce some good beers. In fact, the Michigan Tech Alumni Association is hosting a pasty dinner pregame party at the MTU alum-owned Odd Man Rush Brewing prior to the game Saturday.

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Nowhere else in America is there terrain quite like the Alaskan frontier. Take the clearest day of your journey and head north to Denali National Park. It is two hours to the edge of the park from Alaska, and four to the headquarters. In the other direction, the city of Whittier is a popular tourist destination due to the 13,300 foot-long Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel. That said, if you have a short trip stay, spend your time north toward Denali. While in Anchorage, grab some pizza at the Moose's Tooth. Be warned: expect to wait an hour or more for a table, but it is definitely worth it. Before the game on Saturday, head over to the the MTUAA event at Odd Man Rush Brewing in Eagle River, AK. Odd Man Rush is a hockey-themed brewery, and with its ties to MTU will be the perfect place to talk Husky hockey before the game.

So you traveling with: fellow Tech students

While Humpy's has music, Chilikoot Charlie's is the place to go for a concert and a unique experience. If you enjoy drinking in the cold during the all-nighter, Koot's 25 foot ice bar is the place you're looking for. Spend a little time doing some wildlife sightseeing (maybe see some moose) at any one of a number of vistas, parks or conservation centers. Another great Alaskan activity which can be done on a budget is to use the long winter night as a way to see some northern lights.  Hire a tour guide if you want to improve your chances, but being at the 61st parallel means Anchorage has lots of solar weather activity. Before the game, either check out the MTUAA event at Odd Man Brewing or start your night at the Crossroads Lounge. The dive/sports bar is a six minute walk to Sullivan Arena and has the honor of being the Top Sports Bar in Anchorage on Yelp.

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip to Anchorage and, as always, Go Huskies!

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Cover photo courtesy of Dustin Lindstrom.