Road Trips: Marquette

So you're traveling to: Marquette

It's Rivalry Week, and what better way to celebrate than a home-and-home series against Northern Michigan. As much as we Techies would prefer to hate Marquette, our neighbors to the southeast really do have a nice town to visit. Not to mention, they have the nearest Target, Best Buy and Buffalo Wild Wings. Marquette is probably one of the few locations you could travel to this season where everyone there is going to recognize your MTU Huskies apparel and understand why you're in town. Make sure to wear it with pride.

So you're: with family

Marquette is a very family-friendly town. Combining that same laid-back UP feel that Houghton has with a bit more of a coastal city, Marquette is a great place to visit family or host a quick reunion. Take a few minutes to drive along Lake Superior north of town and stop along any of the roadside parks on Lake Shore Drive. Presque Isle Park isn't very far north and is a UP gem. If you have a large gathering for dinner, Aubree's Pizzeria can accommodate some larger groups in a way that only a pizza place can. For something a little different, check out Lagniappe for a Cajun feast. Honestly, 1,300 miles north of Baton Rouge, the Cajun in Marquette is very good, take my word for it. For a more traditional sit-down meal, The Vierling is a good bet, they have an in-house brewery and the best salads in town. If your family is big on going out for breakfast, Jeffrey's is the 2016 Marquette Mining Journal Reader's Choice Best Breakfast and should be your place to go for your morning black coffee and bacon (do note, though, that Jeffrey's is just as popular in Marquette as Suomi is in Houghton, so make sure you account for a likely wait for a table if you have a group).

So you're: a student down for the day

As mentioned above, Marquette has many "essentials" that Houghton does not. Use the hockey trip as an excuse to visit Best Buy, Target or Wendy's. Try to have some fun, too. Before the game, check out Stucko's Pub. It's within walking distance to the Berry Events Center so you can go ahead and have a "shoop" draft (a 32oz goblet pour) or two. They have pretty delicious whitefish, but their burgers also have been noted as top in the area.  On your way out of town, try something new at the Border Grill. They have three locations, one on the way back to Houghton in Negaunee. It's certainly a better stop for Mexican than Taco Bell. 

Members of Mu Beta Psi (including Editor-in-Chief Alex Slepak, far left) wear their Pep Band stripes to a game at the Berry in Fall 2013. Photo credit: Jeremy "Mr. Sunshine" Loucks

Members of Mu Beta Psi (including Editor-in-Chief Alex Slepak, far left) wear their Pep Band stripes to a game at the Berry in Fall 2013. Photo credit: Jeremy "Mr. Sunshine" Loucks

So you're: visiting with old friends

Marquette is home to several excellent breweries, all of which are within walking distance to the downtown and NMU areas. Ore Dock Brewing Company is right in downtown Marquette and is even MTU alumni owned, check them out. Black Rocks Brewing is creating some of the best beers in the UP right now, and is slightly closer to NMU just up the hill a bit from downtown. It's already November somehow, but if you're looking to get out of a brewery for a few minutes, many people walk along the breaker right next to the US Coast Guard station and the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse at the Marquette Maritime Museum. It is a little hike out to the end of the pier, but once out there you can relax and enjoy the views of both the city and the lake. Since you're going to be cold when you get back from your walk on the pier, head over to BabyCakes Muffin Co to warm up with coffee and over to Donckers for some sweet treats. Donckers is a unique little confectionery with home made candies and sandwiches upstairs.

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip to Ann Arbor, and as always, Go Huskies!

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