Road Trips: Ann Arbor

So you're thinking of going to: Ann Arbor

Typically thought of for football instead of hockey, Ann Arbor boasts the home of the US U-18 development team and the historic Yost arena. With so many Tech students coming from, and moving back to, the Ann Arbor area, there should be a good scene for the games next weekend. That's not even counting the fact that the Wolverines are also hosting the Fighting Illini for their Homecoming football game on Saturday.

If you're thinking of making the drive, there are some places you should check out, but be forewarned: if you don't have a hotel room yet, fuhgeddaboudit.

So you're: revisiting your old stompin' grounds

If you're one of the Trolls heading back south of the bridge home to Ann Arbor for the weekend, you're certainly going to know your way in and around the city. Ann Arbor doesn't quite have the same craft beer scene that western Michigan does, but there are still plenty of brewery options to choose between. Arbor Brewing has three locations, the downtown location has been noted as a good hockey spot before, but the Microbrewery location in Ypsilanti will have the same food and beverages with a better parking situation. Gather up your Tech paraphernalia after the football game and head over to the Michigan Tech Alumni Association event at Dominick's. It's only a half mile walk to the arena, and you'll be among fellow Huskies in a sea of Wolverines.

So you're: with family

If you're not from around the area, taking a self-guided walking tour of the Michigan campus can be a lot of fun. The atmosphere on Saturday is going to be quite crazy, so be prepared for lots of people (110,000+ will most likely attend the game). Make sure to visit The Diag, but be careful; it's bad luck to step and the brass M, and you'll have to run around naked to cure the curse. Whether you're with family or not, Zingerman's is always a good choice for food. Their deli nearly legend, and the roadhouse has delicious BBQ with plenty of space for a big family. Bring the family to the Michigan Tech Alumni Association Event at Dominick's and unwind with a glass or two of their sangria.

So you're: hitting up (yet) another hockey town

If you've been to a few arenas before and Yost is on your list, it's too bad you couldn't have seen the beautiful barn before they ruined the vibe with the aluminum bench seats. That said, you're going to want a pretty unique Ann Arbor Experience. Looking for something for only the true Tech fans? Head over to Coach and Four for a haircut. Ask for the Mel Pearson Special and see what you get (Tech Hockey Guide makes no guarantees your Flow will rival Coach Pearson's). As always, make sure to make some new Tech fans friends at the MTUAA event on Saturday.

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip to Ann Arbor, and as always, Go Huskies!

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